FAPA Gold Medal

The Janus Code

A Novel by J.C. Ferguson


Winner of the Florida Authors & Publishers Association
2014 President's Award Gold Medal for
Adult Fiction: Action/Suspense

What if the ultimate computer Firewall protection turned out to be the ultimate computer snooper?


Book Cover


Speeding through the Swiss Alps in his Lamborghini, Maurice Vivant misses a curve and flies off the road. It looks like an accident but James LaPointe believes it is not. He is obsessed with who killed his friend and why. Maurice accompanies James on his quest for the truth. Is he a ghost or James’s imagination? Even the police are convinced it was murder when people involved with settling Maurice’s multiple-business estate start dying and cars and buildings blow up. James’s nemesis, Felix Alexander, keeps putting up roadblocks wherever James turns. His search leads him back home to Boston and a computer security firm where his ex-wife works. Is her company’s new unreleased software the reason for all the violence?


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The Roman God Janus

Janus (ianua) is the Roman god of gates and doors, beginnings and endings, represented with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions. Janus the Gatekeeper has jurisdiction over every kind of door and passage and the power of opening or closing them.



Mangrove Madness

New novel available from J.C. Ferguson

J.C. Ferguson’s Mangrove Madness is a rollicking good ride. In this PI story, with a pinch of cozy and a dash of hardboiled, Ernestine “Ernie” Pratt, finds herself caught up in a missing persons case that Mangrove Madnesshas as many twists and who are youturns as a mangrove root. A single woman, closing in on 30, marriage-shy but definitely interested in men, Pratt is surrounded by as quirky a cast of characters as you’d expect to find washed up on the Florida Gulf Coast in winter. She has all of therequisite smarts, courage, and self-deprecating humor, and Ferguson presents her with a great colloquial narrative voice. I definitely see a series character.
—David Daniel, author of White Rabbit and The Marble Kite.


Who are You? Book #2

Four Men in a Boat - Book #1

Available at Amazon

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